cbec has provided temperature and stage monitoring on the Lower American River (LAR) since 2008. In continued support of this effort, cbec was contracted by the Water Forum to continue the temperature monitoring effort through 2017. In addition to the ongoing monitoring through the whole 23 miles of the LAR, cbec also performed temperature mapping of key locations on the river to determine if there … Continue reading Lower American River – Temperature Refugia, Temperature Monitoring, and On-Call Support »

M&T/Llano Seco Pumping Plant and Fish Screen Facility (Facility) provides water to agricultural lands on the M&T Chico Ranch, Llano Seco Rancho, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) conservation easements, Service Wildlife Management Area Lands and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) lands in Butte County. Recent changes in the channel morphology upstream of the pumping plant, including accelerated bank erosion and gravel bar … Continue reading M&T Chico Ranch / Llano Seco Rancho Fish Screen Facility Long-Term Project – Evaluation of Rock Removal on the Sacramento River »

cbec was recently contracted by Moosa Creek, LLC, who proposes to develop the Moosa Creek Mitigation and Conservation Bank (mitigation bank) to rehabilitate, re-establish, establish, and enhance wetlands, riparian floodplain, and upland buffer along the San Luis Rey River and Moosa Creek. In addition to wetland and stream resources, the mitigation bank is proposed to provide mitigation for federally and state listed species, including the … Continue reading Moosa Creek Mitigation Bank »

The purpose of the City of Elk Grove Dry Well Project is to determine whether dry wells, in combination with other low impact development (LID), are a cost-effective way to infiltrate stormwater, alleviate localized flooding and recharge groundwater without negatively affecting the groundwater quality. The Project will design and construct dry wells and groundwater monitoring wells at two locations within the City: a residential neighborhood … Continue reading Assessing the Use of Dry Wells as an Integrated Low Impact Development (LID) Tool for Reducing Stormwater Runoff while Protecting Groundwater Quality in Urban Watersheds »