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Technical Services
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cbec has a wide ranging knowledge of the many fields within and around eco-engineering, but has developed substantial experience in these particular technical services as our speciality.

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cbec has built up specialist Technical Services of the scientific procedures, methods and tools for eco-engineering within the water resources industry.
The technical services listed below are combined in each Focus Area to create tailored approaches for each new project's requirements. However, cbec also provides these services in their own right if specific modelling, surveying or data analysis in any of these fields is needed. In each page, you will find a detailed description and examples of their use.
After investigating the below technical services, we invite you to read about cbec's primary services in the Focus Areas where we can provide an end-to-end project, or partial project where needed.

Please Contact Us with any questions or to discuss your projects, from preliminary ideas to full project scopes and quotes.


Hydrology is the study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water, and is the driver behind all our aquatic ecosystems. At cbec, our staff have been applying hydrological techniques and pioneering new methodologies for many years.

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Hydraulics is the study of water transport and forms our most universal Technical Service: all of our projects require varying degrees of hydraulic analysis from simple spreadsheet models to complex, 3D computational fluid dynamics.

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Geomorphology is the scientific study of landforms and the processes that shape them. All cbec staff have extensive experience in geomorphology, with several staff being regional and international leaders in the discipline. We have undertaken geomorphic reconnaissance and assessments in all environments, from mountain to tidal.

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Design, in the eco-engineering context, is choosing to base our designs on physically based tools, combining form, process and innovation to meet ecological needs. Linking natural dynamics to ecosystems is key for cbec, where we do not use standard templates. Every project is new, challenging, and different. At cbec, we strive to produce sustainable designs.

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Field services, in the eco-engineering context, is performing a variety of field services to support project specific needs. Our highly experienced team of hydro-geomorphologists have expertise in the full breadth of field services.

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