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cbec provide long-term continuous simulation hydrologic services. Including:

  • Calculation of runoff from watersheds. Using the following programmes:

  • - HEC-HMS - Hydrologic Modelling System (dendritic drainage basin modelling of precipitation runoff)
    - SWMM - Storm Water Management Model (both rainfall and subsurface)
    - HSPF - Hydrological Simulation Programme
    - FFORTRAN (watershed modelling)

  • Hydrologic modelling at the watershed scale, including the following modelling techniques:

  • - Water balance spreadsheet
    - GIS Application of HEC-HMS
    - Applied in conjunction with the Soil Moisture Algorithm

  • CEH FEH based hydrology assessments in ungauged catchments

  • cbec routinely employs the CEH WinFEH methodology to determine a range hydrological parameters and generate design hydrographs in ungauged catchments. This is often in support of our modelling efforts, the information generated providing input boundary conditions.

    Furthermore, we have been pioneering its use for continuous, long-term simulations for hydro-modification planning.

As part of cbec's USP, we employ the latest innovations in technology and theory for these forms of modelling. Furthermore, these represent just a selection of our most prominent services, but rest assured our experience across all our Technical Services is exceptionally wide, so please Contact Us for any requirement or project.




Check out this video of a small stream in flood condition with stage rising 3m! The video shows how the flows changed in just 1 hour. This is a classic example of the effects of hydro-modification as a result of a highly impervious watershed

Eddleston Water Project

Darnhall, 10-year return interval event under current conditions and design options

  Darnhall, 100-year return interval event under current conditions and design options

  Surface water-groundwater modelling results showing water table elevation.

cbec also has extensive experience in modelling studies where surface water and groundwater are closely linked.

Hydrology, Hydraulics, Geomorphology, Design, and Field Services - these are our Technical Services. See Focus Areas for how we combine them all...

cbec... experts in hydrology

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