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Field Services
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Field Services


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cbec provides field services in rivers, streams, estuaries and tidal zones. Including:

  • Topographic and bathymetric surveying
cbec owns RTK GPS, total station, and bathymetric hydrographic survey equipment, and uses them in a variety of different settings. cbec routinely uses these tools simultaneously.

  • Water level and water quality monitoring
cbec owns as suite of water level recorders (pressure transducers) for measuring water level from tidal to fluvial environments. We own a variety of different gauges from Solinst, to Schlumberger, and Hobo. In terms of water quality monitoring we specialise in long term monitoring of parameters such as temperature, DO, turbidity, conductivity, pH, and nutrients.

  • Hydraulic and discharge measurement
cbec frequently undertakes velocity and discharge measurements to USGS specifications. We carry equipment ranging from Marsh-McBirney velocity meters, Sontek FloTrackers and Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers.

  • Long-term meteorological monitoring
For our hydrodynamic and water quality modelling we frequently need meteorological data, including water and air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation, and precipitation. cbec staff have extensive experience in measuring these parameters.

  • Sediment characterisation
cbec staff have extensive experience of sediment characterisation, including measurement of size distribution (pebble counts and volumetric/grab sampling) and field monitoring of sediment transport (bedload and suspended load sampling).

  • Fluvial Audit
A fluvial audit is a very powerful method for providing a detailed understanding of the physical form and processes through relatively long sections of a river system. It is essentially a spatially referenced inventory of the form of the river and all factors that are likely to influence that form (e.g. locations and magnitudes of sediment inputs, extents of bank-side tree-cover, river engineering impacts such as bank protection, weirs, etc.). cbec has developed its own fluvial audit methodology that is designed to be adaptable to a wide range of environmental settings and types of project.

cbec has extensive experience in a wide range of fisheries-related services and projects, both desk- and field-based. These include assessment of native species’ distribution, regional assessment of electro-fishing data, hatchery programme review, site inspections/walk-overs, full habitat mapping (river and loch), presence/absence/full quantitative electro-fishing surveys, gill net surveys, red counting and mapping, natural and manmade barrier fish passage assessment (including Sniffer porosity tool). Read more in the dedicated Focus Area on Fisheries Services.


Bathymetric Survey

Coarse tracer particle re-surveys

Using a total station in a large gravel-bed river

Hydraulic Measurements

Topographic Surveying

Left: RTK-GPS surveying, Right: Total station


Left: Bedload Sampling, Right: Suspended Load Sampling. Bottom: Pebble Counts


Fluvial Audit

Left: River Seven, Ryedale, Yorkshire. Top right: River Creran, Argyll. Bottom right: Wooler Water, Northumberland


Hydrology, Hydraulics, Geomorphology, Design, and Field Services - these are our Technical Services. See Focus Areas for how we combine them all...

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