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cbec provides design services in streams, rivers, estuaries and tidal zones. Including:

  • Restoration Design

  • These measures will improve a degraded system by reinstating natural processes
  • Modelling-based Habitat Design

  • We integrate hydraulic modelling with species habitat suitability indices, to determine the potential ecological outcome of physical modifications to river channels and floodplains.
  • Innovative Design

  • Our priority is to design sustainably maintained, healthy and diverse ecosystems, which do not require frequent intervention


Mains of Dyce

This channel, a 'daylighted' section of culvert constructed around a new housing development, did not consider geomorphic form or process. As we were undertaking the design, two periods of heavy rainfall occurred. Channel incision and head-cuts of up to 2.5m formed.

We based our design on what we saw first-hand, combining our geomorphic reconnaissance with hydrodynamic modelling and created a more sustainable solution, with greater ecosystem integrity.

Hydraulic velocity and shear stress prediction combined with field verification, lead to a step pool and inset floodplain design. While maintenance will always be required to varying degrees, this is a much more sustainable system with much cheaper maintenance.

Channel incision as a result of heavy rainfall.

Hydraulic model to inform design parameters.

Shear stress output to inform design materials.

Typical step-pool design.

Mains of Dyce Downstream View



Post-Construction Flood


Current Conditions

Current Conditions, February 2014
Click the image to view current images:

Mains of Dyce Upstream View




Current Conditions

Post-Construction Flood

River Cree

River Cree Weir Reduction

cbec proposed its client options for the reduction and/or removal of a series of weirs/groins in the lower reaches of the River Cree, Newton Stewart. The objective of the work is to reinstate a more natural sediment transport regime in the reach, ultimately resulting in a more diverse channel morphology.

An example CAD drawing of one of many design options

Hydrology, Hydraulics, Geomorphology, Design, and Field Services - these are our Technical Services. See our Focus Areas for how we combine them all...

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