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River and Floodplain
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cbec has substantial experience with assessment, design and implementation of river and floodplain restoration and management projects.

We provide:
  • Catchment plans
  • Reach-specific solutions
  • Priority mapping with user-friendly GIS
  • Full stakeholder engagement and public consultation services
  • Conceptual and engineering designs
  • Modelling and expert advice regarding use of Large Woody Debris
  • Expertise in a range of environments, including: tidal, estuarine, lowland rivers, urban waterbodies, wetlands and steeper mountain environments
  • Analytical techniques from simple numerical approaches to complex computational fluid dynamics
  • On-site guidance during all stages of the project, including construction

Pioneers of River and Floodplain Restoration

cbec adopts the philosophies of ‘process restoration’, an approach that is gaining increasing interest in river management worldwide. Our UK Managing Director, Dr Hamish Moir, has co-authored a paper on the practical applications of the philosophy (Beechie et al., 2010). The underlying concept of the theory is that tackling the fundamental impacts to river processes at the largest possible spatial scale will permit the river to function naturally and in a stable, self-sustaining manner. In other words, the larger the scale of process issues that are dealt with through intervention, the more the river itself will subsequently do the work of maintaining a ‘natural’ and self-regulating environment.

Across the pond, the Managing Director of our US offices, Dr Chris Bowles, has for many years been a regular contributor at Floodplain Management Association (FMA) events, including being on the conference organising committee at FMA for the last three conferences. He has presented his ideas for floodplain management numerous times, including FMA conferences and the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME, 2006).

We are pioneering the use of sustainable river and floodplain management and restoration techniques on several high profile projects in the UK:


Restoration Project - East Tullos Burn

The East Tullos Burn restoration project is almost complete*** - check out photos and a full description of the project HERE.

Illustration of pre-implementation East Tullos Burn

Illustration of post-implementation East Tullos Burn

Illustration of post-implementation of River Dulnain.

Restoration Project - Bowenhill

Plan drawing of Bowenhill


Example cross sections of Bowenhill

Restoration Project - Dulnain Tributaries

Plan drawing Allt Lorgy (on tributary of the Dulnain)

Design vision 'Allt an t-Slugain' (one tributary of the Dulnain)

cbec rehabilitation design – combining skill and innovation

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