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Hydro-Electric Power
Scheme Support
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Hydro-Electric Power Scheme Support


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Review, assessment and evaluation services can be provided at a number of levels: ranging from providing details of suggested refinements of concept/draft proposals, to more thorough assessments of existing conditions (including collation and assessment of existing data). We also provide possible and likely scheme impacts and consideration of different mitigation alternatives where required. cbec operates on the basis of providing a responsive, structured, informed and pragmatic approach. No two hydro-schemes are alike. Cases are therefore handled on a site-specific basis where we specialise in identifying opportunities and constraints. Clients also benefit from tailored site visits, targeted surveying (as required), discussions concerning technical approaches, and a range of reporting/feedback options. cbec further specialises in anticipating and mitigating impacts on aquatic resources including fish and fisheries, which is central to every project.

Our Services:

We can offer any combination of the services listed below:

  • Assessment and characterisation of key geomorphic and hydrological characteristics of a site
  • Detailed topographical surveying to industry standards
  • Advice on the design of key features of hydro-electric power schemes in relation to minimizing impacts on hydrology, natural sediment processes and aquatic ecology. This is completed via assessment and design and operational optimisation
  • Advice on current best practice and installation operation (including performance optimisation)
  • Assessment and advice on the potential impact of the structural components (including intake and outfalls), service infrastructure and operational characteristics of a scheme on loch and river system(s) and their fish resources. This is based upon a presumed requirement for operational ‘simplicity’, high levels of reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Assessment and advice on the distribution and status of local fish populations and their biological characteristics, including critical habitat requirements
  • Advice on the design and review of sustainable mitigation measures and fish and fisheries monitoring plans
  • Review of applications and draft licence determinations and existing licences
  • Liaison, consultation and negotiation with key stakeholders (including local fisheries' interests) and statutory authorities over the content of plans and programmes in relation to local environmental challenges
  • Data management and analysis, client reporting and representation on management groups
  • Assessment and advice on other factors; including flooding impacts, public safety, aesthetics and the risks of interruption of operation due to trash and ice
  • Proposed and existing site inspections
  • Pre- and post- commissioning surveys, assessment and reviews


Due to issues of confidentiality, we are not at liberty to provide details on specific HEP schemes that we have worked on, or are currently working on. However we may show some photos from a scheme we completed in Scotland.


Hydropower – a sustainable source of power.

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