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Diffuse Pollution Control
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cbec has a successful history in determining and installing various diffuse pollution management techniques, for both rural and urban diffuse pollution. We focus our energy on using ecological engineering solutions to manage and mitigate surface water runoff. In particular, we design low impact systems to maximise opportunities to work within the existing landscape. Wherever we can, we reuse site materials to reduce costs and increase sustainability.

Our services include:

Urban Diffuse Pollution

Water Chemistry
  • Water quality testing (nutrients, pesticides & herbicides, heavy metals, petrol, oil and grease, etc.)
  • Misconnections (identification, mapping, modelling, liaising with local authorities and water companies)
  • Sediment sampling and analyses
Physical Improvements
  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (including swales, rain gardens, constructed wetlands, etc.)
  • Balancing and retention ponds
  • Soil compaction management
  • Runoff modelling
Planning and Design Strategies
  • Urban river survey (URS)
  • Site selection
  • Community consultation
  • Flood modelling
  • Stakeholder engagement / awareness

Rural Diffuse Pollution

Water Chemisty
  • Water quality testing (nutrients, faecal coliform load, sediment, etc.)
  • Pesticide and herbicide application management
  • Advising good farming practices
Physical Improvements
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (including wetland construction and enhancement)
  • Vegetation buffers
  • Erosion simulations and modelling
  • Runoff modelling
  • Sediment traps
Planning and Design Strategies
  • Site selection
  • Community consultation
  • Mapping high-priority areas
  • Stakeholder engagement / awareness


Typical schematics of a traditional (undesirable) stormwater channel:

Complete with a variety of flaws.

Typical schematics of channel degradation

Gradual inevitable degradation of preserved channels incorporated into urban development where no consideration of the new hydrological environment, or the geomorphic conditions, was undertaken:

Schematic of a typical cbec solution

An alternative to traditional stormwater approaches using cbec’s multi-objective river corridor approach, whereby stormwater, water quality, ecological habitat, aesthetics and recreation are combined. In addition, this approach is able to handle the effects of hydromodification.

cbec...multi-objective innovators in urban “green”

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