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cbec prides itself on the extensive level of practical and academic experience held by its staff and management. You will find short profiles below this summary of our staff members:

Team Members

Dr Hamish Moir

UK Managing Director & Geomorphologist

Hamish Moir is the managing director of cbec UK. He has 20 years of experience working in the water resource industry in the UK and the US, particularly in the areas of salmonid physical habitat characterisation, catchment management and river restoration. He has extensive training in the fields of fluvial geomorphology, in-stream ecology interactions and river engineering, both in research and consultancy capacities. The three years he spent working in the USA provided valuable training in river restoration strategies, hydrodynamic modelling and state-of-the-art topographic surveying methodologies. Hamish has considerable experience in project management, initially in the delivery of large academic research projects and, since joining cbec, leading many consultancy assignments. In his previous post as a senior research scientist with the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Catchment Management Group he led an international workshop on ‘Defining Hydromorphological Condition and Links to Ecology’ (March, 2009) that was attended by leading scientists from around the world. Dr Moir has been active in promoting more sustainable approaches to river restoration, including recently co-authoring a high profile paper on the new concept of ‘process-based restoration’. He has also been project manager on many consultancy projects involving river restoration, river management and fisheries, balancing the requirements of sustainable flood management and improved ecological function under EU legislation (Floods Directive, Water Framework Directive and Habitats Directive). In addition to his PhD (University of Aberdeen, 1999), Hamish has a Master's degree in Water Resources Engineering and Management (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Glasgow, 1993).

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Dr Chris Bowles

US Managing Director

Chris is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Environmentalist with over 18 years of experience in water resources and ecological engineering. He obtained his doctorate in physical and computational modelling of intake structures for run-of-the river hydropower plants. Since moving to the States, Dr. Bowles has been leading cbec’s efforts in the US and Central America, specialising on assessing the physical and ecological response of our impacts to rivers and streams, and formulating methods to mitigate for these impacts.

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Leonardo Camelo

Environmental Specialist

Leo has had 4 years experience in the environmental consultancy sector after graduating with distinction at the Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management MSc at King's College London. The core of his work focuses on the river restoration and catchment management sectors for both public and private clients. He specialises in river geomorphology, having worked in the options appraisal stage of several river restoration and flood alleviation projects. His experience also includes compliance assessments for new schemes, geomorphological walkover surveys and contributions to catchment-scale restoration plans associated with the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. Concomitantly, he has been responsible for the incorporation of GIS analysis in several river restoration and Environmental Impact Assessment projects.

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Gordon Falconer

Technical Specialist

Gordon has an MSc in Sustainable Catchment Management from the University of Dundee. His undergraduate degree in Geography provided him with a solid foundation in social and physical aspects of the environment while his postgraduate degree built on these foundations. He has experience of monitoring, analysing and modelling the hydrology of a catchment using both hydrological and hydraulic models as well as creating models within ArcGIS. Gordon has 3 years' experience conducting topographic surveys in a variety of rural and urban environments, and has led a number of these surveys. He is proficient in the post-processing of field data including using AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013 for surface building and production of detailed design outputs. He is also trained to undertake wading gauges using an ADV and in ADCP deployment.

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Dr Eric Gillies

Principal Fluid Dynamacist & Hydrologist

Dr Eric Gillies has over 17 years’ experience in modeling and measurement of a diverse range of fluid flows; he has published and presented widely in the field of fluid mechanics; has managed several collaborative research projects and their staff and budgets; and he has consulted widely with industry. He has specialized in 1, 2 and 3D modeling of steady and unsteady fluid flows, including analytical, spreadsheet, and computational 2 and 3D modelling, and has written several computational fluid dynamics codes and is expert in the use of industry standard proprietary and public codes. He has also significant experience with code validation and flow measurement. He has significant experience and skill in presenting technical information to public, lay and specialist audiences. He has consulted on several safety critical topics with industry, and has signed off several engineering assessments as a Chartered Engineer.

His most recent work has been in 1, 2 and 3D channel modelling for water flows, fluid dynamics of tidal turbines, flood plain modelling and modelling of tidal flows. He has become an expert at using a range of public and proprietary software such as SRH-2D, SNL-EFDC and the MIKE software suite, and he has also written his own modelling codes, written in the MATLAB computing environment. His most recent consulting has been with cbec UK, with whom he is now employed, and Andritz Hydro Hammerfest, with whom he is managing a 3 year study in how dynamic fluid effects and the marine environment interacts with tidal turbines.

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Jorge Iguzquiza

Junior Technician

Jorge has five years’ experience in river basin management and GIS, and holds a Masters in Environmental Management and Restoration from University of Barcelona, where he studied specific subjects about GIS Analysis, Vegetation classification, River Basin Management and Wetland and River Restoration. He also assisted with hydromorphological surveys and assessments of rivers and streams. Jorge also has a Masters in GIS, and is confident in spatial data management, spatial analysis and modelling, remote sensing and GIS for catchment management. He is confident in surveying catchments to assess river restoration options and possibilities for habitat improvements, having both studied and worked in this area.

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Dr Martin Kernan

Senior Project Manager

Dr Martin Kernan is an environmental scientist with over 20 years’ experience working on freshwaters. He works on the impacts of acidification on upland waters in the UK and on the chemical and biological responses of mountain lakes across Europe to long-distance transported pollutants and climate change. He was scientific co-ordinator of the EU Project, Euro-limpacs and co-ordinated the Framework 7 Project REFRESH, concerned with adaptive strategies needed by managers to mitigate the impacts of climate change on European freshwater ecosystems.

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Dr Carolyn Mills


Dr Carolyn Mills has five years' consultancy experience as a fluvial geomorphologist, with extensive experience in geomorphological field assessments, and a thorough theoretical understanding of fluvial processes. She has a wide range of experience in work relating to aquatic ecology and a good understanding of the current issues facing water managers in the UK. She has experience of monitoring, analysis and modelling of fine sediment behaviour in catchment systems. She also has an understanding of the processes of bed load transport in gravel bed rivers and techniques for bedload transport quantification. She has used her geomorphological expertise to contribute to assessments of the impacts of abstraction-related low flows on river and lake habitats. Recently she assisted with design a weir modification scheme to allow fish passage on the River Bain in Lincolnshire.

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John Preston


John Preston is a geomorphologist and hydrologist with over 8 years’ research and consultancy experience in fluvial and coastal environments. John is nearing completion of his PhD on the coastal geomorphology of high-energy subpolar coastlines, modelling drivers of change and the impact of these on Norse seafaring communities. Throughout this time, John has gained extensive fieldwork experience in remote and challenging environments. Prior to starting a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, he was a Water Management Consultant at Mott MacDonald where he was involved in a wide range of projects, including geomorphology baseline surveys for river restoration and fish-pass design projects, WFD assessments for large infrastructure projects, and hydrological analyses for several flood risk and flood forecasting schemes. He has previously managed several flood risk projects in southern England and East Anglia.

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Ruth Ward

Business Development Manager and Health and Safety Officer

Ruth has a MSc (with Distinction) in Environmental Protection and Management from the University of Edinburgh. Through her Masters studies, Ruth gained knowledge and experience of river catchment management with particular focus on changes to soil quality across Scottish landscapes. She continued to gain further experience in a range of fieldwork skills and use of surveying equipment whilst working as a research assistant. In 2011, Ruth worked for both cbec UK and US on projects in Scotland, England and California, using RTK-GPS surveying techniques and GIS mapping programmes. Since then, she has worked on numerous design and construction projects, with her role centered around Project Management, Business Development and Health and Safety, aspects which are central to her role within cbec.

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Alison Wood

Project Communication and Planning Coordinator

Alison has a BSc Honours in Geography from the University of Aberdeen. Through her degree she gained a fundamental understanding of important Management and Conservations Issues relating to the Physical Environment, with particular focus on Scottish landscapes and riverine environments. During her studies, she was awarded ‘Best in Department’ for her dissertation investigating the influence of substrate on macro invertebrates on the River Feugh in Aberdeenshire. She has assisted with a number of topographic surveys and has undertaken fluvial audits and sediment assessments on a range of river systems across Scotland, England and Wales. Alison is also an experienced administrator and has recently assisted in the management of a number of river restoration projects.

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Chris Campbell


Chris has more than eight years of engineering and project management experience with an emphasis in eco-hydraulics and eco-hydrology. He specialises in hydrodynamics, physical hydrology, sediment transport, geomorphology, water resources, and ecosystem restoration. His technical expertise routinely involves the application of GIS and computational models, to inform a range of water resource and environmental assessment and restoration projects within riverine, estuarine, and wetland environments. Mr Campbell also performs field studies and uses the data to characterise site conditions and to develop, calibrate, and validate computational models. Mr. Chris Campbell is currently studying part-time for a doctorate in hydrology.

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Dr Christopher Hammersmark


Christopher is a registered civil engineer specialising in hydraulics, hydrology, geomorphology, water quality, ecology, and ecosystem rehabilitation/restoration. He has over 11 years of experience on a diverse array of projects including sediment and water quality studies, river and floodplain restoration, flood inundation and water supply investigations. The environmental settings for these projects range from natural to urban, from tidally influenced deltas and lowland alluvial rivers, to headwater streams and adjacent meadows and forests. Dr Hammersmark’s technical experience includes numerical hydraulic and hydrologic modelling (e.g., HEC, USGS, USBR and DHI models), habitat suitability modelling, terrain modelling, GIS and a variety of types of field investigations including sediment characterization and sediment transport measurements, water quality sampling, flow gauging, groundwater sampling, water table measurement habitat characterization and mapping, vegetation sampling, topographic and bathymetric surveys, soil infiltration and compaction monitoring. Dr Hammersmark's dissertation research involved developing an integrated surface water-groundwater model to establish a water budget for a wetland system, providing spatial and temporal estimates of storage and flux though the surface-subsurface system. Drawing from his diverse academic and consulting background, Dr Hammersmark seeks innovative and sustainable process-based solutions to complex multi-objective water resource and ecosystem restoration challenges, while operating within the specific constraints of each project. He is committed to the conservation, preservation and rehabilitation of aquatic, wetland and terrestrial ecosystems. 

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